Shipping & Inspections

Bargees know how to find us. We are available 24/7 to solve their problems. The same goes for shipping companies from all over the world when one of their ships visits Rotterdam, to perform maintenance work or repairs.
Performing inspections is a specialisation that is second nature to our trained experts. They perform every job with state-of-the-art equipment available to them at all times. Of course, all our people have the required (international) diplomas and/or certificates.

  • sealing leaks
  • blanking
  • recovering anchors and chains
  • digital underwater photography wood sampling
  • inspection of sprinkler basins
  • maintenance and repair of pump cooling water systems
  • digital underwater video recording
  • silt and soil sampling and analysis
  • clamping anchors
  • electrical/thermal breaming
  • mapp gas/oxygen, hydrogen/oxygen
  • welding with certified divers
  • hull cleaning (environmentally friendly)
  • propellor polishing (environmentally friendly)
  • CCTV (Class) inspections
  • cleaning by means of high-pressure hose units
  • ROV inspection
  • suction and pump works