SMIT Waalhaven 8


Length: 40,81 Mtr. 
Width: 9,66 Mtr. 
Minimal draft: 0,70 Mtr. 

Sailing area:
All inland waters – Certificaat S.I. 

Head engine– MITSUBISH S6 B3 MPTA 2 X 320 KW. (435 PK) 
Boegschroef Elektrisch– KALKMAN Delta 2 75KW

Boat speed:
Max. 9 nautical miles per hour. 

Auxiliary generators:
1 MITSUBISHI 6D22 135 KVA 220/400 Volt. 
1 JCB 448-TGWA- 60KVA Stage 5 220/400 Volt  

Cover equipment:
Above and underwater fire / welding equipment. DC 42 V. – 400 Amp. 
Above and underwater guts equipment
High-pressure spray unit350 bar @ 15 Ltr. p/min. 
Deck wash pump 8” MITSUBISHI 4DG5 1x 121 KW. (165 PK)
Deck wash pump8” MITSUBISHI 4DG5 1x 121 KW. (165 PK)
Hydraulic powerpack for hydraulic tools-Cap. 90 Ltr. p/min.- 200 BAR. 

Mobile Crawler crane:
50- Tons Sumitomo LS118 RH-5 with max. mast length of 36,6m
Capacity: S.W.L. 50.000 Kg. op 12,20 Mtr./1.500 Kg. on 36,60 Mtr.
3 seperate hoists to be operated. Max. lifting height 36,6 Mtr. 

Several “GRINDEX” submersible pumps

Hydraulic winches / spud pole:
Electric spud poles 2x 14,5m diam. 900mm 
Spud poles 2x 24,0m diam. 900mm 

Dive Equipment:
Complete two diver system
Low pressure air compressor  520 Ltr. p/min @ 12 bar
Buffer vessel 1000 Ltr @ 16bar. 
High-pressure air compressor  150 Ltr p/min @ 200 bar
4x 50 Liter @ 200 bar emergency air supply
2 divers digital CCTV video equipment

Decompression room:
4 persons fully under Lloyds approval in 20” container.
Emergency air supply 520 liter buffer @ 200 bar
2x 50 liter inhalation oxygen.

4 Persons.

FORUNO Zeeradar RDP-112 model FR-8051
RHRS 2005 RC TFT Radar R. Holland 
2x Marifoon
Autom. pilot/ Magnetic compass. 
Digital depth gauge
DGPS 1 FURUNO GP-23 met Tresco dredge system
DGPS 2 FURUNO GPS/Waas Navigator